Here we will join together and build an Utopian playground for our future.












When we come together and work hard dreams come true and more. This is about community involvement and sharing wisdom and so much more!

Who are we?

A Order of family and friends who play and create puzzles and games.


Order of Icarus

                  A very special starting project with bright intelligent minds and visionaries cooperating with each other getting involved working with the local communities on things.      2-15-20 ACCG & AIII 14-5-2-5-12  Mirum Nobis    


  By Bot1337 What is OHM? Well is a Crypto-Currency. You do random acts of kindness and other things helping the world and you get rewarded. Want to get started? // Isn’t that really awesome? Doing what you normally do helping people proving proof and you get something in return! Ohm is currently on WINDOWS …


Come join our discord and talk about anything!

You must first walk the path of *LIGHT* in The Order of Icarus.

We are friendly unless you glitch our circuits or rub our bellies wrong.

1337 HeadQuarters now Open